Lionhart Capital provides customized vendor programs to meet your commercial equipment financing needs to get the equipment leasing results you’re looking for. Having an effective financing partner is a valuable asset to any company because it helps grow and maintain your customer base by allowing you to focus on selling your equipment and thus turning your inventory over faster.

We combine flexible and customized equipment leasing programs with competitive financing products to offer our equipment vendors the best possible service. Equipment vendors who have not yet incorporated a monthly payment option into their daily sales routines may be leaving deals on the table. Not only will offering a low monthly payment option help you close more sales, but it can also help with future equipment sales, by bringing your sales force into periodic contact with the customer for lease renewals and upgrades.

Our dealer programs include the following benefits and features:

  • More time for selling equipment
  • Non-recourse lending
  • Hassle-free administration (we handle it all!)
  • Dependable and honest representation
  • Increase profitability and ensure your customers’ satisfaction with our credit programs.
  • Establish your own branded equipment financing arm, without any internal cost or responsibility
  • Provides promotional materials specifically tailored to your organizations needs
  • Support your sales force with our innovative financing tools that will help them close more sales
  • Manage your inventory more efficiently
  • Over 95% approval rates for all types of credit and financing for both established companies and new start-ups.
  • Having access to over 30 different funding partners gives us the ability to optimal client-lender matching.
  • Consultants to provide full training in the area of leasing and equipment financing, providing your sales force with the necessary tools to maximize all sales opportunities, regardless of a customer’s financial restrictions.
  • Provides incentive-based programs

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