Traditional Leasing

Traditional equipment leasing is a powerful financial tool and a viable alternative to cash purchases and bank loans.  Lease financing provides for quiet enjoyment of assets on lease for a predetermined period of time at a fixed monthly payment. These assets are normally purchased at the end of the lease for a predetermined amount and then the lessee takes ownership of the asset.  Consider the advantages of leasing before writing a cheque or drawing on your businesses line of credit to purchase your company’s next piece of equipment.  For more information on the benefits of leasing please review why lease on our website.

Auction Sales

Going to an auction and don’t have your financing arranged?  Let Lionhart Capital Ltd provide you with the buying power to win that next bid.  We have a pre-approval process that many of our auction clients have used for years and it has worked great.  We get you pre-approved for the amount of money that you want, you go and bid on the equipment and if you win the bid all we need is an invoice from the auction house and we can proceed with express documentation to get you your equipment.  If for some reason you don’t win that bid, you have the option to use your lease line of credit to purchase the equipment you want elsewhere.  For example from a dealer or a private seller.  Our pre-approvals are free of charge and good for 90 days .  Contact a Lionhart Capital Ltd Representative and they will be happy to walk you through the pre-approval process.

Private Sales

If you find the perfect piece of equipment that you want to buy and it’s from a private individual or company and not from a dealer we can help you.  With our vast variety of funder partners we have the flexibility to structure a lease to suit your needs.  You have many financing alternatives available through Lionhart Capital ltd.  Contact a representative nearest to you today for fast, friendly advice.


This type of lease will allow you to source additional cash for you business.   If you own or have equity in your equipment, Lionhart Capital Ltd can help you leverage the equity out of your equipment and finance your company’s growth to provide you with the much needed funds for your business. For example to pay for those expensive equipment repairs or to obtain a down payment on that next purchase.  In this process the equipment is purchased from you by our leasing company at a predetermined value based on the equipment market value.  One of the most important aspects of this program is that you obtain cash injection into your company without having affected the operations of your business.  The equipment you are using remains on site with you and its business as usual.  By leasing the equipment this will also allow you some possible tax benefits.

Rental Conversion

Turn your rental payments into equity in your equipment purchase! This program is set up for companies that find themselves renting equipment on a regular basis when it makes sense to own it.  Most rental companies will apply a certain portion of your rental payments to the purchase price when you lease the equipment.  Unlike a rental, you will own the equipment equity at the end of the lease term.  Leasing has proven to be very successful for companies who find themselves renting the equipment for a longer period of time than originally planned.  Contact a Lionhart Capital Ltd representative in your area today for a free consultation.

NOTE: You are able to continue with the same tax benefits in a lease as you had with a rental.

Creditor Protection

Protect your Credit! We recognize that our clients deserve to be protected over the course of their lease term with us.  Lionhart Capital Ltd offers a variety of payment protection options: Life insurance, Disability insurance, Critical illness and GAP.  Don’t let unexpected events put you out of business and put undo stress on your family. Creditor protection is built into your lease payments and can be expensed by your company.  Be sure to contact a Lionhart Capital Ltd representative, and they will be more than happy to review your options with you.

NOTE: If you are currently in a lease, Creditor payment protection can be added to your existing contract.