Managing Growth for Continuing Success

graphic-chart-peopleManaging Growth for Continuing Success

Growth is good, when it comes to your business. After all, growth means increased market share and bigger profits. Right?

Not so fast. The reality is, the downfall of many a small, vibrant business is a fundamental failure fuelled by too-rapid growth. The risks of rapid growth can outweigh the advantages and, if you’re not careful, cost you the success of your business. However, with proper planning and strategic forbearance, your business can enjoy healthy, stable growth now and in the future.

Equipment Leasing Terms 101

If you have never had experience with equipment leasing before, it can take some time to understand the language that is used.

When you can fully understand the terminology the lending process is truly easier to understand. Lionhart Capital has been together this glossary of terms that are commonly used in the leasing industry.